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Saxton Trading provide specialized vehicle transporting solutions for motor vehicles, dealers, private companies and individuals throughout Southern Africa. Saxton Trading’s fleet of modern carriers are capable of transporting your dream vehicle across the country and borders.

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Our team is firmly committed to ensure all safety aspects are taken care of and that any chances of damages that can occur are minimised. In order to provide high level security during the delivery process we have an in house tracking team that monitors our fleet regularly.


We specialize in transporting large heavy trucks, equipment and abnormal loads across Southern Africa and within South Africa, with Beitbridge, Livingstone, Lusaka , Oshikango and Gabrone being our popular destinations. We also provide end to end solutions for private or commercial imports which includes clearing , forwarding and transporting right up to your door step.


KDG Logistics are a small long-haul road transport company that offers customized services to automotive manufacturers. With less than 100 trucks, they compete with fleets three times their size to achieve best-in-class overall efficiency and cost competitiveness.

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